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Rhonda Fischer

Rhonda Fischer - Author of Randy Kazandy! Where Are Your Glasses?

Rhonda Fischer is a concert pianist by day, writer by night. Rhonda is a fan of Robert Louis Stevenson,who named her children after the Dickens’s characters without even realizing it. Oliver, Nicholas, Sarah, and Timothy have been her biggest fans. Randy Kazandy-Where Are Your Glasses is the first book of a series of Randy Kazandy. Rhonda loves writing for children. All the laughs, smiles and chuckles that she brings from her stories are her reward for becoming a writer. Rhonda is an active member of SCBWI and IBPA. She is also President of Whim Publishing in Orange County CA.

Rhonda Fischer

Rhonda Fischer
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Sunday, July 20, 2008

Fun book helps kids that are getting their first pair of Glasses!

(Temporary cover)

Randy visit's Dr. Bee's office for his very first an eye exam.

Having two eyes that can focus is handy. Its bad when you don't. Ask Randy Kazandy!

New fun book for kids that are getting their first pair of glasses!

Written by Rhonda Fischer
Coming Winter 2008
Whim Publishing

About Randy....

Randy Kazandy is an adorable little guy. Randy is funny, sometimes a clown, but a boy who needs to wear glasses. On Randy’s face they feel odd, unnatural, yes, a bit odd for this little fellow. He tries to ditch the glasses at ever turn, every idea that comes into his head. Will Randy love or hate his glasses in the end? This hilariously funny book written by Rhonda Fischer is a must buy for any child who needs or wears glasses! More information and reviews about Randy Kazandy please visit